I am Chris [m] Lollar, currently 26, and I began drawing before I can even remember. Though I got serious about drawing at age 11, when I discovered japanese comics, and even more serious later on, when discovering concept art.

c3I did not attend a school, instead I learned everything I know by browsing the web and experimenting mixed up techniques for endless hours.

Though my passion is to eventually write and draw extensive comic books, I have been focusing my skills on portraiture for the past 5 years. It has payed off, as my ability, speed and creative expression has well progressed in the category. Exaggerating yet maintaining great likeness of the subject has been a rewarding feat. One major aspect of my self-taught art education, is the stubbornness to never fall into TRACING PHOTOS, nor do I even use rulers to measure the distance between parts of my subject, or for that matter GRIDS. I feel those methods are in fact, BLASPHEMY. I have well trained eyes and an internal measuring stick I take the time to put to work. Whether it is traditionally, or digitally, a legitimate practice is at play, with a photo or real-life subject to the side, and my canvas of sorts at hand, I set out to create an original work of art, with markings and techniques encoded by my organic mad scientist methods.

Because I’ve focused on the arts in such a way, You will find my portrait art is more affordable than most on the internet, whilst still achieving great quality, expression, dynamism, likeness and depth.

I look forward to examining your face.


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