Greetings! Chrism Lollar here. Welcome to the site!
4Here you will find Portraiture of various sorts drawn, sketched or painted digitally or traditionally by no other than my right hand.
People to Pets, I’ll even draw your house!

Portraits are great as gifts for holidays, birthdays, saturdays, you name it!
Wedding caricatures to memorial portraits, there is no end to the application of such a relative art.
At a price ranging from a cheap toaster, to a more expensive one, why not get your friend or family member something more meaningful and original on their special cake-day?

Caricatures and illustrated Portraits by an experienced artist capture deeper depths, and more personality than a photograph.asldfgj;ldfkj
From punchlines to sentimental stuff, you name it, I can make it happen.

In fact, portraiture is just the beginning of it.
I can draw anything.

Looking for some art for your band’s next album cover?
Or perhaps you have a flyer or an event that needs some illustration…
Or maybe you just want to see what you would look like sketched by a quality artist?
Perhaps you are just looking for a cool new profile picture on bookface.

Regardless, you have certainly come to the right place.


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